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How to get a ‘Beach Body Beautiful’ tan this summer

Now the summer wardrobe has come out of the closet it’s time to get your Beach Body Beautiful tan at the ready. The plucked chicken legs look is so last season!  So here are five of our ‘Top Tan Commandments’ to getting that all over gorgeous glow:

  • Thou shalt exfoliate – exfoliate before and after tanning for a smooth, even tan
  • Thou shalt moisturise – well hydrated skin will tan better than flaky, dry skin
  • Thou shalt use SPF sun screen protection – UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin, even if you don’t get burned
  • Thou shalt go strapless – if you want to show off that lovely new halter neck dress and avoid ugly strap marks
  • Thou shalt move – move around in the sun to get an even tan

Lift your mood whilst getting a healthy glow

Just 15 minutes of daily sun exposure can have an extremely positive effect, increasing vitamin D and releasing serotonin which lifts your mood and gives your skin a lovely healthy appearance. Following our top tips you can enjoy the benefits of the sun safely before, during and after sun exposure.

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