Nails have become a hugely popular trend over the last 10 years, with nail bars popping up on virtually every street corner offering an array of manicures and pedicures. There’s always a lot of debate around the pros and cons of the different types of manicures and pedicures available on the market. If you’re looking for a longer lasting finish than the traditional manicure, but that is less damaging on your nails than Acrylics, Gelish gets our vote at The Beauty Spot in Basingstoke – here’s our reasons why…

Top 6 benefits of Gelish Manicures and Pedicures

1) Gelish lasts longer

Gelish is a gel in the form of a polish. It applies like a polish but wears like a gel and is slightly thicker than Shellac. It is super strong and incredibly durable with an average lasting time of up to 3 weeks, versus traditional manicures which last only usually 3 – 4 days if you’re lucky! Gel nails don’t chip and maintain a great finish for the duration of your manicure / pedicure. Great for no fuss holiday nails!

gelish manicure basingstoke

2) Amazing colour range

Gelish is a thin, pure, UV gel, pigmented in various degrees to give it colour. There is a huge range of colours available to choose from to suit your mood or go with a specific outfit. It is the closest option to natural looking nails and the shine finish is fantastic.

You can opt for a classic looking French Gelish manicure / pedicure, or something a bit more colourful. If you can’t decide on one colour why not try different colours on each nail!

3) Great for weak nails

Gelish works really well on weak, thin and brittle nails because of the impenetrable polish, enabling you to grow your natural nails much longer underneath.

4) No smudging & instantly dry

Gelish nails dry instantly under the UV light while you are still in the salon, so no smudging, smearing or chipping – and no need to wear flip flops to and fro your salon appointment when you have a Gelish pedicure!

5) Can be reapplied straight away

We want to debunk the myth that you need to give your nails a break in between each application. Your nail plate is dead, so there is actually no need to let your nails ‘breath’ in between each application. As long as you apply and remove applications correctly and practice good aftercare, such as applying moisturiser, nail and cuticle oils you only need to give your nails a short break after a few applications.

However you do need to make sure you remove Gelish polish correctly. If you attempt to peel away the layers yourself you risk peeling layers of your nails off and damaging your nails. At The Beauty Spot we don’t charge you for removal of your Gelish if you’re having it reapplied.

6) Fabulous nail art and designs

Gelish is easy to work with and allows for the creation of different designs, patterns, artwork and effects giving your nails a fabulous unique look.

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