Your favourite offer is back! For a limited time receive a back, neck and shoulder massage, an express facial and a scalp massage for just £45.

Last time we brought this deal to the table, we shared with you the Top 3 health benefits of massage. If you’re going to take advantage of this relaxing treat, we want to ensure you experience the benefits for as long as possible, so here are our 3 tips to prolong the benefits of a massage…

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

You may have heard of this one before – and there’s a good reason why! Keeping hydrated after a massage is very important. Massage releases toxins that have built up from the muscles, which then need to be flushed from the lymphatic system. Not drinking enough water makes this process less efficient and adds to muscle soreness the day after your treatment. You should also limit your alcohol and caffeine intake 48 hours after your massage as these fluids cause your body to dehydrate.

If getting your two litres of water in after your massage seems a little challenging, make sure you plan ahead and drink plenty before your appointment. Alternatively, if you struggle to drink cool water in the colder months, try warm water with fresh lemon juice – as an added bonus it also kick starts your metabolism!

Your skin will be amazingly hydrated form the oils used during your treatment. Continue the application of products such as Comfort Zone’s Tranquillity Body Cream which instantly quenches the skin, whilst also maximising the efficiency of products applied afterwards.

2. Encourage movement

Although you shouldn’t engage in stressful physical activity straight after your massage (such as weight training), light exercise is beneficial.

Following a deep tissue massage, your muscles tend to stiffen up, causing short term discomfort. Keep on top of stiffness with some gentle exercise such as yoga, walking or stretching to mobilise joints and encourage blood flow.

The friction and pressure applied during a massage creates heat within the muscles, as it does during exercise. You should stretch after any exercise, as you should with massage – in fact this is the perfect time to experience a deeper, easier stretch whilst your muscles are warm.

3. Have a soak

Do you love to switch off and unwind with a warm bubble bath at the end of the day? In this case, the benefit of a bath extends to relaxing your body as well as your mind!

Taking a warm bath the evening of your massage will continue to relax and release the tension from your muscles. It’s always best to ask your massage therapist to advise on bath temperature because depending on the type of massage you’ve had (whether it’s injury focused or deep pressure), if the water is too hot you risk inflammation.

Try adding a cup of Epsom salts to the bath as the magnesium in the salts help relieve pain, soreness and boosts detoxification.

If you’re feeling stressed and in desperate need of some relaxation then contact The Beauty Spot. Book in and experience the benefits of massage and Comfort Zone products. You can contact us by calling 01256 460 076 or email