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Recently we’ve have been introducing skin clinic treatments to our Basingstoke beauty salon. This includes IPL, which is a popular form of light therapy and is used for various dermatological procedures for hair removal, pigmentation, red vein removal, acne and of course we offer the illumiFacial.

Another procedure that is commonly available at skin clinics is Botox. We don’t offer this at The Beauty Spot, but instead we offer the IPL illumiFacial, which we feel is a much better alternative, achieving similar results. We’ve gathered all the facts for both treatments so you can make your own decision… illumiFacial or Botox?

Instant results vs lasting results

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world, Botox is injected into the skin inhibiting muscle movement and preventing wrinkles from developing or worsening.

Many people, including celebrities, opt for Botox due to its obvious and instant results. The muscle weakening will take place a couple of days post treatment, with full results showing within 10 days. Treatment tends to wear off after 3 months, so will need to be repeated after this time if you wish to maintain the results.

With the IPL illumiFacial there are 4 steps. Cleanse, peel, IPL and lastly, hydrate and protect. As well as increasing the collagen and elastin in the skin to reduce wrinkles, IPL also tightens the skin, reduces acne, helps even out skin tone, hydrates and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. For best results we recommend having the facial once a month for the first 2-4 treatments and depending on your skin, the facial should be repeated once every 3 months.

Botox is a temporary solution that needs regular maintenance, whereas the illumiFacial treats the skin for lasting results and doesn’t mask your skin concerns, but instead solves them.

Comparing side effects

If you didn’t know, Botox is an injectable drug made from botulinum toxin – a poison. The way Botox works is by blocking signals from your nerves to your muscles which prevents the targeted muscles from contracting and therefore improves the appearances of lines. There are risks and side effects you must consider before having Botox. Here are just a few common side effects that can be experienced after the treatment:

  • A headache and flu-like symptoms for the first 24 hours
  • Bruising, swelling and redness
  • A frozen look. If too much Botox is injected you may have trouble moving the muscles in your face
  • Temporary weakness and droopiness in your face

Before the IPL illumiFacial treatment is carried out, you will undergo a consultation and patch test to confirm your suitability for the facial. The only side effect you may experience after treatment is the darkening of pigment spots before they flake away – however this just means the treatment has worked perfectly in providing you with a more even, flawless skin tone. There’s no need to worry as all our skin clinic treatments are carried out by qualified professionals in our Basingstoke beauty clinic!

Prices of Botox and IPL illumiFacial

The price of Botox can vary depending on how much you have and what skin clinic you go to (treatment should always be carried out by a qualified professional). You can expect to pay between £100 to £350 per treatment which will need to be repeated every 3 months or so to maintain results – this can rack up quite the bill!

Each IPL illumiFacial treatment costs £160. We offer these course deals:

  • Buy a course of 3 and get 10% off: £400
  • Buy a course 6 and only pay for 5: £750

We believe the IPL illumiFacial is a better investment in your skin. However, whether you decide to go for Botox or the illumiFacial, it’s always best to do your own research and go with whichever treatment you feel most comfortable with. Any skin treatment such as Botox or IPL illumiFacial MUST be carried out by a qualified professional.

If you have any questions regarding the illumiFacial, email us at or give us a call on 01256 460076. Equally, if you’ve done your research and want to start your journey to beautiful skin, you can book your consultation online. See the full list of skin clinic treatments we’re now offering at our Basingstoke beauty clinic.