For a limited time you’ll receive a back, neck and shoulder massage, an express facial and a scalp massage for just £40 – 1 hour of pure zen! If you’re in desperate need of some self-care and relaxation, book yourself an appointment at The Beauty Spot.

Everyone needs to recharge occasionally, so take advantage of our limited time offer. Our uplifting, back, neck, and shoulder massage will be followed by a bespoke facial using Comfort Zone products which has all the powerful ingredients needed to achieve refreshed, radiant skin. It doesn’t end there as whilst the mask is on and Comfort Zone works its magic, you’ll also receive one of our soothing scalp massages.

Still need some convincing? Not only will you feel truly pampered, there are proven health benefits to receiving regular massage treatments. Here’s our top 3…

1. Improves your wellbeing

Massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol meaning your overall feeling of wellbeing will improve and you’ll sleep better, blood pressure will reduce and prevent headaches. Massage can also increase levels of the neurotransmitter’s serotonin and dopamine (chemical messengers that help regulate many bodily functions) which is great for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

2. Relieves muscle tension

There are many reasons you may be experiencing muscle pain and tension. It can be due to over exercise, poor posture or a chronic illness – whatever the reason, we can help. Massage therapy will benefit you immensely by properly aligning your body, loosening the muscles and promoting relaxation. Your joints will begin to release, improving your range of motion and flexibility. So, if you’ve been hunched over a computer for hours at work or just finished a grueling gym session, what better way to improve your day by heading down to The Beauty Spot for a massage?

3. Aids circulation & rids body of toxins

Our body’s defense is connected to the lymphatic system. By using light pressure in a rhythmic, circular motion, our therapists can stimulate the lymph system, helping send fluids back to the heart, freeing vessel pathways and also increasing immunity. By massaging your body’s soft tissue, toxins will also be released which is why it’s important to drink plenty of water after your treatment to flush the toxins out.

If you feel achy and stressed, then contact The Beauty Spot. Book in and experience the benefits of massage and Comfort Zone products. Call us on 01256 460 076 or email to book your appointment or book online.