When it comes to getting your nails done in Basingstoke, there are certainly a lot more choices than just which colour to choose. If your nails aren’t as nice as you’d like, having Gel or Acrylic nails could be an ideal option for you. Hard-wearing and long-lasting, you’ll have lots of colour options. But what are the pros and cons of Gel nails vs Acrylic nails? Here’s what our expert nail technicians at our Beauty Spot nail salon in Basingstoke think…

Beautiful nails

Along with your traditional manicures and pedicures, the Beauty Spot also offers Gelish nails which is a gel nail brand. The alternative to gel nails is going to another nail bar in Basingstoke for acrylics. So what’s the difference?

Whatever you choose, you can look forward to having beautiful looking nails. But, it’s vital that you choose a qualified nail technician who will also take care of your natural nails underneath.

Being a regular Beauty Spot client means you will receive a more personalised service from our small team than going to a walk-in nail bar. We’ll keep a careful eye on the health of your nails and always advise the best approach to keep them in tip-top condition.

Natural is best

If we look at Gelish nails first, they’re known for having a lovely glossy finish and being more natural looking than acrylics. Once your nails are prepared, the gel is painted onto the nails and cured under an IV light.

No nasty pong!

If you’ve ever been to an acrylic nail bar you will know exactly what we mean! Due to the acrylic nail process, harsh chemicals are used and it can make the experience less relaxing than having a Gelish manicure or pedicure. With Gelish there are no nasty fumes and for you eco-warriors, the process is a lot more environmentally-friendly too.

Harder wearing

On the other hand though (if you’ll excuse the pun), acrylic nails are known for being hard-wearing and sturdy. You can also increase the length of your nails with acrylics.

*Please note we do not offer acrylic nails at the Beauty Spot.

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