We often get asked by our customers why they need a patch test and if it’s necessary – the answer is always a firm yes! As a salon, not only is it crucial we carry out patch tests for insurance purposes, but most importantly they’re essential for your health and safety. We’ve compiled some information to help you understand patch tests better.

What is a patch test?

A patch test is when a small amount of product is put on your body. This is so you and your qualified beauty therapist can identify any allergies before you’re fully exposed to the product. Due to the area tested being so small, if you were to react to the patch test then all you should experience is redness and slight irritation of the skin – this tells us you’re not suitable for the particular treatment tested for.

There’s no guarantee about how your body will react to any product which is why a patch test is so important – our bodies can develop new allergies at any time.

Why are patch tests so important?

People can be unaware of allergies and respond badly to a beauty product if a patch test is not carried out. Reactions can include mild to severe irritation of the skin and possibly swelling. This is a situation we really want you to avoid and that can be prevented with a patch test!

Whilst we understand it can be frustrating to have to pop-in and have a patch test 48-72 hours prior to a treatment, please be reminded that it’s with your health and safety in mind that we follow this procedure. Some clients have previously not gone ahead with a booking as they didn’t want the hassle of a patch test – they are in fact very simple and quick.

How do we carry out a patch test?

When you arrive at The Beauty Spot for your patch test, one of our beauty therapists will simply pop a bit of product on the necessary part of your body and… that’s it. It really is that easy and you’ll be in and out of the salon in a matter of minutes.

Patch tests are required at least 48-72 hours before the treatment to allow enough time for any reactions that may occur. If you continue to have regular treatment every 4-6 weeks you will not need patch testing again, however if more than 6 weeks elapses from your previous treatment then you will need to be tested again.

We patch test for the following treatments:
  • All IPL treatments
  • Henna brows
  • Brow tint
  • Lash tint
  • Lash lift
  • Lash extensions
  • Spray tanning
  • Microblading (please be mindful when choosing a microblading artist as they are required to have a license from the council – The Beauty Spot are fully licensed)

If you have any unanswered questions about patch testing then please feel free to call us on 01256 460 076 or email enquiries@beautyspotbasingstoke.co.uk. Otherwise you can book online for your patch test.