Male Treatments

The Beauty Spot in Basingstoke offers a full range of face and body treatments for men. From eyebrow shaping and male waxing through to massage, spray tanning and manicures and pedicures. With free parking on site, we’re conveniently located in Basingstoke Town Centre. Call 01256 460076 to arrange your appointment.

Massage is considered to be a safe treatment, but if however, you have any medical conditions it is advisable to notify us before your appointment and if necessary consult your GP to ensure that you can go ahead with the treatment.

£12.00 – Eyebrow shape/wax

£12.00 – Nostril wax

£12.00 – Ear wax

From £25.00 – Back wax

From £25.00 – Chest wax

£32.00 – Back, neck & shoulder massage (30 minutes)

£38.00 – Back, neck, shoulder & scalp massage (45 minutes)

£48.00 – Back, neck & shoulder massage (60 minutes)

£24.00 – Manicure

£28.00 – Pedicure

£27.00 – Spray tan

Male Facials

Urban detox facial – detoxifying

The perfect antidote for everyone to detox the skin from pollution and to specifically fight imperfections and adult acne. The /skin regimen/ Detox Peel-off with Chlorella and plant-based Charcoal captures impurities and facilitates their removal and, thanks to White Ginseng Root, effectively rebalances and energizes the skin. Customisable with the selection of one of the Boosters. The synergy of Qigong and Rolling Roulage massage, the Macro Waves Sound™ and the brand’s Natural Aroma, recharges the skin and the mind.

This facial counteracts the effects of stress and environmental daily pollution which intoxicate the skin and accelerate the aging process. Ideal also to keep sebum production under control and reestablish the optimal level of hydration. Skin and mind are detoxified and reinvigorated.

Deep cleansing treatment to render the skin fresh and compact. Thanks to the possibility of choosing two types of masks, it is a treatment ideal for both oily and depleted impure skins as well as those more delicate.

Complete, deep purifying treatment with propolis that deeply cleanses, leaving the skin fresh and re-balanced.

Urban Longevity Facial™ – rejuvenating

The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle, this facial is ideal to renew the skin and counteract the effects of stress and pollution. For a unisex clientele with stressed, dull and aging skin.

Customizable to correct specific stress-related imperfections and signs of aging, it rejuvenates the skin and leaves you feeling recharged and ready to face your busy days.

Male grooming package

  • Muscle relieving back massage – 30 minutes

  • Comfort Zone prescriptive facial – 30 minutes

  • Eyebrow shape

  • Manicure or pedicure

ALL for £80.00 

If you want a manicure AND pedicure it’s £95.00


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