Salon safety

Covid-19 Health and Safety guidelines

Please read the new salon procedures that we have put in place for your safety.

New salon procedures:

  1. We have added 15 minutes to the end of services to avoid clients overlapping and ensuring adequate time to properly clean and disinfect.
  2. When you arrive at the salon please ring the ‘Ring’ doorbell next to the blue door and wait until we let you in.
  3. Clients need to complete the self-assessment screening form (emailed 48 hours before appointment) & sign in at the time of booking.
  4. We will only accept pre-booked clients and manage the bookings to ensure there is no crowding in the reception area. Please do not visit the salon without previously arranging an appointment.
  5. You will be required to wear a face mask to your appointment. If you don’t have one we can provide a disposable one for you to wear throughout your treatment.
  6. We will no longer be able to offer refreshments with the exception of bottled water.
  7. Please come with a small handbag and not lots of shopping bags to your appointment.
  8. We will Implement touchless payment options when available
  9. Respect physical distancing where possible.

Our pledge:

  1. Wear clean and sanitized masks, face shields, uniforms, shoes and gloves if required during treatments.
  2.  Wash hands before and after every treatment, we will ask clients to wash their hands on arrival.
  3. Wear gloves in our welcome area and when cleaning up in common areas. We can also wear gloves during treatments for manicures, pedicures and epilation or just sanitise our hands if preferred.
  4. Disinfect professional tools, as well as disinfecting the device components after every use.
  5. Use freshly laundered linens for every guest.
  6. Disinfect high-touch areas at least hourly.