July is a very special month to all of us here at The Beauty Spot as it marks our anniversary. This year our Basingstoke beauty salon turned 7! 7 years of quality beauty services, fun and most importantly… making our amazing customers feel fabulous!

We can’t quite believe how fast the 7 years have flown by so owner Emma Silcox has taken some time to reflect on her 7 favourite memories from her Beauty Spot journey so far…

1. Walking into the salon for the first time…

Having been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years, walking into what was potentially going to be my own salon was very daunting – exciting but daunting! As soon as I walked into the salon I thought ‘this is what I want’. I remember meeting Sarah who had started the business 7 years prior, she had reduced hours after becoming a mum in the last year or so and was pregnant for the second time and ultimately decided to focus on her home life.

I found out about the possibility of the business from a friend of a friend. At the time I had been made redundant from teaching, so it all seemed to come together, and I felt that it was meant to be! It was a hectic time as my daughter Annabelle was only 9 months old so taking on the salon was a bold move. I think my friends and family thought I was crazy! Despite this, The Beauty Spot has proven to be a worthwhile investment and myself and the team have worked very hard to be in the position we are today.

2. Introducing Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a refined Italian skincare range which prides itself on its range of scientific ‘care for the skin, body and soul’ using the most powerful ingredients and delivering the most effective results. It’s our product of choice for all facial treatments at our beauty salon in Basingstoke.

Being introduced to the Comfort Zone skincare range is a highlight of mine. Being able to use a product you truly believe in and are passionate about makes all the difference. I feel confident selling and using Comfort Zone on our clients as I know just how effective the products can be – I’ve seen the results firsthand! Comfort Zone products are clinically proven to reduce the effects of daily stress and pollution on both skin and mind, so that you look and feel at your best every day.

3. Building up my client base

I was very lucky that as I bought the business there was already a small client base to start with. However, I needed to really grow it, to begin with I did a lot of house pamper parties to get myself out there, I contacted local companies and often attended a lot of networking events. I worked a lot of hour to begin with – at least 3 late nights a week and always Saturdays but it has been worth it in the long run.

4. Building the dream team

Having to take on more staff due to a growing client base is a great thing for a business owner. It means your business is expanding, which is great but also scary. Finding staff members who reflect the same values as you and your business is always difficult and something that is very important to me. Luckily, I struck gold when I hired Deena and Megan – the current Beauty Spot dream team!

5. Expanding… again!

As well as expanding the team, we have recently had to expand on space… we’ve run out of it! To continue with our current treatments as well as introducing new treatments we have now added a second room to The Beauty Spot. Again, as a business owner this a proud and exciting moment to cherish.

6. New treatments on the horizon

Speaking of new treatments… we’ve got a couple lined up for you this September. As the beauty industry constantly evolves and changes, it’s exciting to see and predict what the latest trend will be. With some crazier than others we try to adapt accordingly to what is popular and to what our clients want and need. Some of the treatments that we will soon be offering include microblading and IPL treatments. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on these…

7. The best part… all of it!

Did you know that a huge 60% of people don’t enjoy their jobs? I can happily say I’m not one of those people. I love performing treatments whether it’s waxing, massage or skin care treatments. In this job your clients leave you feeling uplifted, treated and ready to conquer – whether they are going on holiday, to a special occasion or just for their monthly pamper, for me my job doesn’t feel like a job. I meet so many new and interesting people, I’m lucky I feel like I just go to work and have a good catch up with my clients with what’s going on in their lives. Clients leave me feeling happier than when they come in – and that is why I love my job.

There it is – my top 7 Beauty Spot memories! As a people person, my passion is offering treatments to make clients feel relaxed and special and without you lovely clients The Beauty Spot wouldn’t be the success it is today. So happy 7th birthday to us and a massive thank you to all our clients.

To book in for any of our treatments call us on 01256 460 076, email enquiries@beautyspotbasingstoke.co.uk or book online. We guarantee you’ll leave The Beauty Spot feeling amazing!